Gold from the Land of Israel,  a New Light on the Weekly Torah Portion
Gold from the Land of Israel.
Hardcover, 368 pages.

"Rabbi Morrison has done a remarkable job in presenting the teachings of Rav Kook in a clear and approachable fashion."

--Rabbi David Samson

"Those who are not familiar with the Rav's teachings will be exposed to the profound ideas and remarkable scope of his writings."

--Rabbi Yehoshua Magnes

Purchase this book if you truly want to understand Rav Kook and bring the fulfillment of his teachings into your heart...

Rav Chanan Morrison explains Rav Kook's Torah like no one else."
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--Yoely Zipkin

The Splendor of Tefillin The Splendor of Tefillin

Insights into the Mitzvah of Tefillin

From the Writings of
Rabbi Abraham Isaac HaKohen Kook

by Rabbi Chanan Morrison

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Because of their poetic and mystical nature, Rav Kook's writings are dificult even for readers who are fluent in Hebrew and rabbinic texts. The Splendor of Tefillin uses a clear, succinct style to provide the reader with a window into Rav Kook's original and creative insights.

What are tefillin? What is their deeper significance? How can we bind our hearts and souls to God, as we bind these these scrolls to our arms and heads?

This ebook contains nine insightful essays on the mitzvah of tefillin, based on the writings of Rabbi Abraham Isaac HaKohen Kook.

Table of Contents


1: Elisha, the Master of Wings
Tefillin and the spiritual path of the Jewish people.

2: Gods Tefillin
What did the Sages mean that The Holy One wears tefillin?

3: The Knot of Gods Tefillin
What is special about the knot of Gods tefillin?

4: The Exodus and Tefillin
How this mitzvah reflects Gods outstretched arm.

5: Shema without Tefillin
Engaging our entire being to serve God.

6: Always on His Mind
Tefillin and maintaining a state of mindfulness.

7: Black Fire on White Fire
The significance of tefillins four-pronged shin.

8: Bound to Life
Treating tefillin with respect.

9: The Splendor of Tefillin
Why wearing tefillin is inappropriate in times of mourning.

Praise for "The Splendor of Tefillin"

Rabbi Chanan Morrison masterfully presents the depth of Rav Kook's profound insights on the central and yet mysterious mitzvah of Tefillin. Reading it will definitely enhance your practice and understanding of Tefillin.

Rabbi Itzchak Marmorstein

Praise for "Gold from the Land of Israel"

Rabbi Morrison has done a remarkable job in presenting the teachings of Rav Kook — a giant of twentieth century Jewish thought — in a clear and approachable fashion. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking a good introduction to the inspiring wisdom of this preeminent scholar.

Rabbi David Samson
Author of the Lights on Orot series

"Rabbi Chanan Morriston, a former student at Mercaz HaRav, is deeply immersed in the writings and thought of Rav Kook and has done a masterful job of extracting Rav Kooks thoughts on the weekly Parashah. This is a book to return to again and again."

Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins
Jewish Media Review

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook (1865-1935), the celebrated first Chief Rabbi of pre-state Israel, is recognized as being among the most important Jewish thinkers of all times. His writings reflect the mystic's search for underlying unity in all aspects of life and the world, and his unique personality similarly united a rare combination of talents and gifts.

Rav Kook was a prominent rabbinical authority and active public leader, but at the same time, a deeply religious mystic. He was both Talmudic scholar and poet, original thinker and saintly tzaddik.

About the Author

After graduating with a B.A. in Mathematics from Yeshiva University (New York), Rabbi Chanan Morrison studied for several years at Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav, the Jerusalem yeshiva founded by Rav Kook in 1924. He was ordained after completing rabbinical studies in the Ohr Torah Stone (Efrat) and Midrash Sephardi (Jerusalem) rabbinical seminaries.

Rabbi Morrison taught Jewish studies for several years in Harrisburg, PA, before returning to Israel. He and his family subsequently settled down in Mitzpe Yericho, an Israeli community in the Judean Desert.

In an effort to maintain contact with former students, Rabbi Morrison began emailing weekly articles on the weekly Torah portion based on the writings of Rav Kook. Over the years, this email list grew at a phenomenal rate; it now benefits thousands of readers from all over the world. He is frequently featured on the Torah section of the Arutz Sheva website and his work can be read on his own website at

Rabbi Morrison has published two books of essays of Rav Kook's writings: Gold from the Land of Israel (Urim Publications, 2006), and Silver from the Land of Israel (Urim Publications, 2010).


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